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Mental health in Brownsville

3 Minute Read | Published Nov 24 2023 | Updated Dec 01 2023

Mental health disorders are a significant issue in the city of Brownsville, Texas. According to Brownsville's Behavioral Health Needs Assessment, approximately 23% of the population in Brownsville has been diagnosed with some form of mental illness. This is higher than the national average of 20%, indicating that mental health disorders are a pressing problem in the city.

One of the most common mental health disorders in Brownsville is depression. It affects around 8% of the population and is more prevalent among women and older adults. Anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, are also common, affecting approximately 7% of the population.

Substance abuse disorders are another prevalent mental health issue in Brownsville, with around 14% of the population struggling with addiction. This is significantly higher than the state average of 7%. The use of the drug methamphetamine, also known as "meth," has been on the rise in Brownsville, with many individuals developing addiction and associated mental health issues.

Suicide rates in Brownsville and the surrounding Cameron County are a growing concern. In 2019, there were 32 suicides reported in Cameron County, compared to 18 in 2018. The majority of these deaths were among individuals aged 36-45, highlighting the need for mental health support for adults in this age group.

There are several factors that contribute to the high prevalence of mental health disorders in Brownsville. Economic disparities, limited access to healthcare, and a lack of mental health resources are some of the key reasons. There is also stigma and shame surrounding mental health, which prevents many individuals from seeking help and treatment.

It is essential to address mental health in Brownsville and provide accessible and effective treatments to those in need. Fortunately, there are various resources and organizations in Brownsville dedicated to tackling mental health disorders and promoting positive mental well-being.

One such organization is the Brownsville Mental Health Coalition, a network of mental health professionals, healthcare providers, and community members who work together to raise awareness and provide resources for those struggling with mental health. There are also several local clinics and hospitals that offer mental health services, such as The Valley Baptist Behavioral Health Center and Tropical Texas Behavioral Health.

Additionally, the local government has taken steps to address mental health in Brownsville. The city's Department of Health and Human Services has implemented various programs to promote mental wellness, including mental health screenings, counseling services, and support groups.

It is crucial to remember that mental health disorders are treatable, and seeking help is a sign of strength. With the right support and resources, individuals in Brownsville can manage their mental health and lead fulfilling lives. As a community, it is essential to break the stigma surrounding mental health and support those who are struggling.
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